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RPG Tsukuru DS - Editor

For the editor feature, I'm just going to go down the list of what's in there. The editor doesnt actually resemble any existing RPGM software's editor in layout or function, so it took quite a while to find my way around it, and it'll be hard to describe it.

First thing you do is select the slot you want to work with. RPG Tsukuru DS gives you two slots. In slot 1, I have the sample game downloaded from the previous feature. each slot gives you 125532 memory. You can see here that the sample game takes up 26080 memory, with 99804 free. The sample game is very, very small at only four maps, so you can see that you're going to have to be careful about how you use your alotted memory. I don't see it being anything crippling, because the editor has some unique ways of handling game construction, and memory management, which we'll get into soon.

I will inform you that most of the editor takes place on the bottom screen, with the top screen displaying descriptions of things selected on screen, and help text like RPGM2. So I will only show pictures of the top screen when it's showing something interesting.

Next, we'll do character creation, since thats what most people start with.

You may not want to start with the preset character graphics, and want to create your own. That's fine. there's 12 slots for custom character graphics. You don't draw them youself, but rather assemble them from pre-made parts. That's right, the system we've been begging for the past oh, ten years, has finally appeared! I will be showing you all the parts available, as well. The top row in each category is just one graphic, that shows nothing in that category equipped, and is not worth showing since it's the same in every menu, and appears with the rest later on.

First, you select a head.

Then, a body.

Then, an accessory.

While building your character, the top screen shows it walking around as a preview.

After you register some character graphics, or you decide not to, it's time to head to the player character setup screen.

You can register 8 player characters per game. Here, the first slot is a character I set up, and the second is sample data.

This is the blank character setup screen. Here you set up a name, description, bio, sprite, portrait, stats, skills, magic, and equipment. Let's look at one of the sample characters.

Looks nice. but her stats suck. The samples in this game are basically just enhanced templates. They just give you enough to get started and figure things out for yourself.

Here's a character I made. I made his bio the word "line" three times, and then when I resized this image, lines appeared everywhere, and I thought it was funny because of the bio I wrote, so I didnt fix it or retake the photo, and just figured "that's great".

if you don't want to make a custom character for every one of your player characters, you have 42 character graphics to choose from.

Those robot things on the bottom (there's a second row of them too) are just slots where custom characters show up once built. The number on the side switches color schemes. There's four.

You'll also probably want a portrait. There's 164. that's right. There's 41 bases, and four variations of each. each variation is not just a simple recolor though. They have different hair styles, clothes, helmets, facial hair, faces... each slot is only thematically the same across the four variations (as in, a slot with a witch has only witch variations). I will only show you the first 41.

I demand that you be impressed.

What's next? Maps!

We're gonna play around with the sample game data for this. Here you can see the four maps in the sample game. Again, there is sample data provided. There are 6 sample towns, 6 sample dungeons, and 6 sample world maps.

Now here's where things get strange. You've probably heard about how you can just draw your own maps using the stylus, right? That's only half-true. It only applies to the world map, which gives you a 128 x 128 tile canvas to customize as you see fit. Everything else? You're going to pick a template, and customize that, using even more templates and preset data. no more title-by-tile creation. It may sound bad, but this is how it had to be. This method conserves a lot of memory, and makes the file sizes small enough to be easily traded to other players. Keep in mind that DS Download play is one of the game sharing method, so an entire game has got to be able to fit in the DS' internal memory used for that.

So what kind of templates do you have available to build your game with? There are four different classes of town templates, each with three versions. these templates are basically just big empty maps, surrounded by fences (or stone walls, or other things). See? not so bad.

It also applies to dungeons. There are 6 different dungeon templates.

I know. it sounds bad. it isnt. I swear. If you used RPG Maker 3, it should be familiar. but this game does it better. lots better. it makes the editor the easiest to use yet, and it keeps it quick and fun. Stay with me, people.

Let's load up that first town from the sample game and take a look.

Top screen shows the template (the big outer square) with various elements used in the game being represented by big pixely things.

Another picture, showing the church.

So, about these elements, that probably have you really mad and thinking this is horribly limiting...

That sure looks like a lot of options for a rug with stuff on it to me. probably going a bit overboard. the five buttons on the side switch the categories for elements. all of them have this kind of massive variety. So no, it's not as limiting as it sounds. It streamlines the creation process without restraining you much.

Lets check out some of the fancier uses of these imaginarily depressing templates. onto the fourth town that I couldnt get to in the sample game!


More fancy. See? Not bad at all! looks nice.

Let's explore more. world map.

This is the world map editor. it has lots of options, and this is the only screen I feel like showing of it. You can throw down water, snow, ountains, clouds, desert, lava, all sorts of stuff. also towns and such, but lava is more fun.

Okay, aside from characters, and maps, what else is there? Oh yeah. events.

Events seem to be back to the basic style of RPGM1, and I believe there's only around 200 switches, with no variables. STOP FROWNING. I CAN SEE YOU. stop. It's okay. I promise.

Events are added in the map editor, to make things more streamlined. you tap that "E", and select where you want an event. let's put one in this tree.


There's also a menu of pre-made events.





Hey! RPGs need items too!

Item menu is simple and boring. That's just it's nature. but like RPG Tsukuru 4, every item can be given an icon.

Every magic spell can also be given an icon, and here's a blurry shot of those.

Magic comes effects themselves draw from the same graphic effect pool the weapons do. There are 64 effects, and some are really cool, like giant walls of flame rushing across the screen. No way to customize them, though.

Oh, monsters. Yeah. That's the last big thing left. the monster menu, well, it's a lot like RPGM1's. There's 64 enemy graphics, with 4 color variations each. They're all pretty bad-ass. I've seen screenshots of "toon" styled monsters on various websites, but you know what? I can't find them. anywhere. I've looked. I delayed the posting of this part of the feature for two days so I could look! I can't find them!

So, what am I gonna show you for the monster section? the only part of this segment of the engine that really impressed me. the enemy group options.

Well. I think it's cool.

That wraps up the editor. Now on to the last part of RPG Tsukuru DS. The Downloadable content.

Let's just click the big Wi-Fi button.

Okay this is the main wifi menu. First option lets you trade games Probably locally only. Second option is the DLC menu. Third option manages your friends list (yay friend codes), and probably lets you trade games over wifi. Fourth is wifi settings.

Top option is the downloadable content list. The dates below it show the last update to the list, and the next scheduled update. Second option is for a contest that Enterbrain will be holding. Button is inactive until April 4th.

Now we'll finish up this feature with the downloadable content. I've tried to download it all, but NONE of it will work. There's some red text on each icon that probably says something about that. I have managed to download every piece (It told me so), but none of it shows up in any of the menus.

Currently, downloadable content consists of item graphics, monsters, character graphics, and a sample game.

So much of it looks really cool, and I really wish I could check some of it out. One thing to note is that with each DLC update, they erase almost all the content that was previously available, so everything has a limited release period. That part really sucks, and I hope it's changed if we get a US release.

Well, we've reached the end of the RPG Tsukuru DS feature. If you want this title in the US, it's new enough to where I think it could happen, If you let agetec know you want it. So let agetec know you want it. write letters, post on their forum, just don't start an internet petition. those are dumb. takes no effort.
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